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Author Topic: [Vaisseaux] Hermès v1 - space shuttle  (Read 1902 times)

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11 September 2006, 16:29:06
Spoiler  See this post in english (Addon's Gallery is at the end of post):
Hermès  v1 - space shuttle

Hermès is the project of the ESA for a mini space shuttle launch by Ariane 5. This project was canceled in 1992.

Moving parts: Solar panels, gears, wings, docking door.
Required: Ariane5 by Well & NoMatter and Kourou-CSG by Papyref & Mustard

Please read manual

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Hermès  v1 - space shuttle

Hermès est le projet de l'ESA d'une mini navette spatiale lancée par Ariane 5. Ce grand projet européen fut annulé en 1992.

Parties mobiles: panneaux solaires, train d'atterrissage, volets d'ailes, porte d'amarrage.

Requière: Ariane5 de Well & NoMatter et Kourou-CSG de Papyref & Mustard

Merci de lire le manuel

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