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Author Topic: Historical STS Missions and similar rubbish..  (Read 1162 times)

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04 January 2004, 18:46:33
I have a completely fresh of Orbiter (December 17th release) and just tried to install the Historical
Missions addon as well as various other so called up to date scenarios and scraft. Well I have no
idea what kind of people are creating these things but some of them are nothing short of crap.

When loading some of the scenarios as soon as the screen loads some of the Shuttles just launch
themselves and spin off into an uncontrollable frenzy, jettisoning their tanks after 5 seconds and
wildly crashing even before I have a chance to get into the cockpit and even before I lay a single
finger on the keyboard.

Certain scenarios which shall remain nameless have you in the Colunbia on a final approach to
KSC.. which is fine except for the fact that the scenariohas you appear about 50 feet off the ground
 and expects you to land with 3 seconds think time!  Completely useless..

Other scenarios have a great base station but no rocket is present!! Some have Rockets but no
base staion! After spending and entire evening searching for and downloading these talked about
mods, all I can say is what a lot of crap and a complete waste of time so many of them are.

Why are people submitting stuff that is obviously half cooked and requires so much tweaking and
editting that one may as well design the whole  thing onself.

There should be a law against amateurs being able to pretend to be creators and be allowed to
upload and hide their junk amonst the quality stuff that is available.

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Reply #1 - 11 January 2004, 04:36:21
I'll have to check this out. I just dowloaded and installed the above historical package as well. I
ran a few of the scenarios without a problem. But I did run an Endeavor flight that went cafooy,
splat, bang. You shoul have seen the trajectory graph. But I thought maybe I did something to
cause it. Any way thanks for the heads up. I will run through more of the scenarios and see what's
up. In the mean time  take a deep breath and count to ten, it's not worth the stress, it is just a
simulator after all. Maybe we will have to rename it the histerical package if you are right about it
being so incomplete.


Offline canadave

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Reply #2 - 14 January 2004, 19:26:02
wow...SOMEONE woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Hey Xpirex, if you're so upset about
the "amateur" work others are doing, and if you're such an expert, why don't you go do an addon
yourself, eh?  The people who develop Orbiter addons aren't getting paid, they offer NO
guarantees that their addons will work perfectly, and they're trying their best.  I've found that
most of them will respond to bug reports fairly quickly and try to fix their one likes
doing an addon and then finding that lots of people are having problems with it.

Believe me, I've been there with the weird and wacky scenarios that you talk about, with spinning rockets, missing elements, etc.  Half the time it's been because I didn't install the package properly.  The other half of the time, after emailing the person who developed the package, they promised to look into it when they got the chance.

Geez.  I can't believe how ungrateful some people are in this world.  We should be thanking the
addon developers for spending weeks or months of their free time trying to make our Orbiter experiences
better, and this clown is calling them names.  Sheesh.


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