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Author Topic: A great Idea ( mars missions )  (Read 850 times)

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27 October 2003, 05:38:37
:) I was watching Destination Space on the Discovery Wings Channel today & an idea popped up.
how about that we use animations as construction processes of bases & small colonys like in
science fiction movies & stuff. we use the button F6 for example, once you press it, its locked & can
never be pushed again. while this happens, you can see the animated people & parts that were
made from a dll. watch it build like in real time, & you can go faster in time warp because it's a
slow process for example, a small colony will be complete 10 days later after starting the
construction process. once a base is complete, it converts from animated mesh used in an dll to a
static mesh thats used in cfg. What do you think? ;)

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