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Author Topic: [OT] Servo control by PC (John?)  (Read 1005 times)

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26 July 2003, 02:21:42
This may intterest those that
make virtual real cockpit as John or some other.

You can have mechanical device controlled by your
computer with 5mn of work.

You can use Servo command (as the one showed on image)
directly connected to your Parallele port. (no electronic,
only wire)

I had wrote a small program that is able to record sequence
of move with your joystick that can be played later by
the servo control.

The servo himself cost about 12$ you need only some cable
and the wire is really simple to make (I have done it in about 2mn
, well err... mhhh using scotch :) )
you can have 8 servo connected to your parallele port.

This open the door to real device controlled by your computer
as robot arm, valve, interuptor and such.

I have great fun playing with this :)


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