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Author Topic: Updating the SLI Capsule Addon  (Read 1214 times)

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08 May 2003, 01:44:30
I am in the process of updating my sli cpasule addon.

Some new features:

New meshes for the capsule and the bottom.

Stargazer is helping making a module for me so that the capsule can seperate from the bottom of
the sli craft.

I am going to ask kevinrb if I can use his Delta launcher to launch the sli capsule design. I think he
has the Delta II or the Delta Contour...the real sli cpaule will use the Delta IV...but for now the
Delta II is colse enough.

4 parachutes deployed at landing.

The thusters on the bottom part of the sli capsule craft will also work this time.

I am already thinking about scenarios:

I will have a launch scenario if I can get permission to use the Delta Launcher. I will have a on orbit
scenario, a docked at ISS scenario, and a re-entry/landing scenario.

Future Versions:
Once I get and learn how to use C++:

I will like to make a Delta IV launcher

I will like to make a panel for the sli. I will have to take a guess on what it will look like...I'll
probably base it off of the Apollo CSM. Maybe by then more facts about the sli capsule design will
be put forward. All I know right now is that a capsule design is being seriously considered along
with space plane designs. I also have read "Lockheed Martin is putting forward two designs, a
space plane and caspule design. So I am guessing that the sli capsule design belongs to Lockheed

When it comes time for the panel, I'll have to ask some people on the Orbiter Forum and here and
at McDope's forum, and at DanSteph's forum, if updating the Apollo panel is the way to go...and if
it is what they think NASA would update so it would work with the sli capsule design.

I think the fun part will be, if the sli capsule design is selected, I'll get to see how close or far off I
was when I made this addon.

I hope to have this released by the end of June, because I might want to add some things to it. I
will need people to test it out and tell what I need to change and for them to make changes too.
The first sli capsule addon went in without being tested.

Hopefully the module will correct the fuel comsumption problem. Right now you can go with
engines at max thrust to the moon and back with spending only 5-10% of your fuel.

The bounce bug will probably be also corrected.

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