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Author Topic: Orbiter MFD's face lift  (Read 3763 times)

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21 March 2003, 20:59:08
Is it somehow posible to change the default yellow colour of the Orbiter MFD's
If it is even default...

Or would you have to change the colour setting in evry single one?

Is it posible to change the background of the MFD's?
It is transperent when the panels are not on. And that is perfectl fine. But is it posible to add a
texture or a colour to the background when they are displayed on the panel?

I want to see if it is posible to make the MFD's look more intresting to look at.
If you take a look at the new Delta Glider 2 manual you will se a buetufuly new looking MFD on the
main page.

Can that be done?

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Reply #1 - 21 March 2003, 21:10:43
If you have the hand over the code you can add a custom background yes.
Unfortunately we don't have the code for most of the stock MFD.


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