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Author Topic: IMFD guides dedicated to MaxOrbiter/lordcroussette  (Read 870 times)

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Offline majid

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19 February 2023, 22:50:34
It's come to my attention that MaxOrbiter has issues with transfers. If I can do it, he can. I have 2 video guides that should serve to be helpful.

This teaches a brute force method to get to any place, long as you have the fuel:

This shows a more efficient method of first launching into the right parking orbit:

IMFD target intercept is really good. If you want to brute force it, just hit prograde, burn until orbit MFD shows a hyperbolic trejectory. Time accelerate till you have escaped the body's sphere of influence (as indicated by orbit mfd/hud) then use IMFD's Course->Target Intercept with Sun as reference, your destination as target and the source to yourself (x).