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Author Topic: development updates  (Read 1015 times)

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Offline majid

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28 December 2022, 02:33:37
Hey all. After retiring my frequency for updates has fallen off the cliff. I thought I'd use this post to provide updates as I have them.

Currently these are items being worked on:

- During crash testing it was discovered that artlav's sp3 converter vessels can sometimes crash Orbiter if vessel is spawned in Orbit. Seems like an implementation bug. This resulted in ~1k vessels not being installed.
- Need to detect vessels that crash, and then provide some quality of life improvements so it's not such a pain in the ass to use spacecraft3 vessels.
- Need to research if genericvessel is susceptible to the same bug as artlav's converter. Maybe we can use genericvessels for vessels that crash. Is genericvessels susceptible to same pitfalls as spacecraft3 with naming and scenario editor incompatibility?
- Need to finish working on the recipe for CFG based vessels.
- Creating an MFD to help support legacy vessels for things like touchdown point handling
- Creating a cargo/crew management system that hooks into UCGO/USCO.
- Creating an MFD to help discover new ships

The name of the game right now is improving discoverbility. There are thousands of mods, many hidden gems are impossible to discover due to lack of routine updates. A lot of forgotten content.