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Author Topic: Stations v1 beta: collaborative station building for Orbiter 2016  (Read 2748 times)

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Offline majid

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08 November 2022, 02:10:46
This add-on allows you to share your space stations with others. Use the included Stations MFD to share your station. On the flipside, other orbinaut's shared stations will appear in your simulation.

YouTube video demo of the mod:

Stations shared by other players are updated once everytime Orbiter is launched. You can share your station, and at anytime update it after adding new modules by sharing it again.

Unfortunately you cannot update a station you shared without having to first exit Orbiter first. This is a technical constraint. Once you restart Orbiter you can update the station at will. It's only immediately after first sharing the station you have to restart simulation to update.

You can share and update by pressing shift + A.

Greg Burch's Space Station Building Blocks v4 is REQUIRED:


Currently SSBBv4 is supported, NOT 4.1. Will seek to support 4.1 in the future.
Currently you can only share stations with modules from Greg Burch's pack or stock Orbiter. This is to prevent CTD's with players sharing modules from add-ons you don't have installed.
Install Greg Burch's Space Station Building Blocks v4 from here:

Install this add-on by extracting the zip into your Orbiter folder

Activate the Stations Module under the Orbiter launchpad

Load any scenario, it will populate with stations shared by others.

Download it here:

Offline majid

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Reply #1 - 29 January 2023, 22:40:45
I am going to bump this.