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Author Topic: On-Screen controls disappear in Orbiter2016  (Read 139 times)

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Offline rico1

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18 February 2021, 01:09:06
Hi - I'm re-acquainting myself with Orbiter after a LONG absence.  I am running on a MacBook Pro using Manjaro Linux 5-10 and PlayOnLinux.  I have installed the D3D9 Client, Orbiter Sound 5.0, the Delta-Glider 4, the DirectX Jun2010 runtimes and Visual Studio 2015.

The Launcher appears and seems to work to allow selection of modules, video, etc, and the program launches.

My problem is that the onscreen controls appear, and are clickable, but the pop-down windows (eg for Camera, but all which have pop-down windows do the same) appear, then as soon as I move the mouse towards it, it disappears completely.  And cannot be found.  So I cannot interact with the programme at all.  Once the drop-down window disappears, clicking on the 'parent' window (eg Ship, Camera, Function) has no effect at all.   I can Pause, or Quit.

And when I Quit, the programme (or Wine, don't know which) crashes, instead of reverting to the Launcher.

Is this / are these [a] known / obvious problem(s)?   

I could have got something wrong in the installation,but have no idea where to start looking.   Many thanks for any suggestions.