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Author Topic: DGIV at KSC runway 33 skids on takeoff  (Read 4843 times)

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Offline Arvil

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21 January 2021, 16:18:08
Been flying DGIV in O2016 for couple of weeks. Found one glitch; on takeoff whether manual or with ascend autopilot, the aircraft skids off the left of the runway usually into the water then I manage to get airborne. Recently destroyed the gear in one scenario. Any idea the cause and how to fix it? Thanks for your help.

Offline StarLost

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Reply #1 - 22 January 2021, 04:06:32
DGIV was not written for O2016. It will work OK in most scenarios in 2016 but not all.

Dan is in the process of updating his addons for O2016. In the meantime I would suggest you either live with it as it is now or install a version of O2010. DGIV works just fine there.

Offline predattak

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Reply #2 - 22 January 2021, 14:02:38
Also if somehow you don't know from where you can get the 2010 version (i had this problem when i deleted the 2010P1 years ago and recently i found out that the official orbiter website only has the 2016 version) you can get it from here:

Offline SCEtoAUX

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Reply #3 - 25 January 2021, 00:53:54
Concerning the problem of skidding to the left, a simple way is to use the brake of the rear wheels of the DGIV by a small touch. The "," key for the left rear brake and the "." key for the right rear brake.

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