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Author Topic: Mars Bases ...  (Read 10960 times)

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Offline StarLost

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25 May 2019, 04:01:36
Hi all. I posted this over on the regular Orbiter Forum so I thought I'd add it hear to maintain coverage:

I'm compiling a list of all Mars bases that have been prepared for Orbiter since day one, and pinpointing their locations on Google Earth Pro.

So far I have Olympus, Sheffield (my own, not yet published), Orcus Patera and New Rome.

I will be looking at any in OH that I can find. If you would like to, and I do ask for help here, please post any that you know of (and their coordinates) and perhaps the addon they came from.

I look forward to the list we come up with. In the end I will be posting the .kml file them all.

Thanks in advance for any help forthcoming.

Cheers all.

Offline Milouse

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Reply #1 - 30 May 2019, 11:20:28

I'm started with this :

Port Dao : 93.6539125 -32.9493987
Alysimia city/Mars City : -151.819722 +17.649718
MarsBase Alpha : -133.35 18.54
Marineris Base : -72.699997 -10.31
Marineris Drill Site : -72.540001 -12.6
Mars One : -83.064003 19.690201
Mars Ice Crate: 103.65 70.2
Mars Hourglass : 102.73 -38.98
Mars Face : -9.47 40.755
There is two Mars One base addons, one by Jroly and one by Olrik_jhor ; same location.
Port Dao have some different locations over the years, but still in the "Great Martian Canyon".

Mars bases in Mars 2060 addon :
Marineris : -72.9 -13.4
Olympus : -135.43 +12.74
Utopia : +98.04 +41.7 ;+101 +41
ChasmaBoreale : -49.7 +82
MarsPole : 0 +90

Do you search just for "Mars surface bases", or landing spots (Viking, rovers...) and landscapes ("scenery addons") too ?
this addon show a lot of spots ! :)


Offline StarLost

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Reply #2 - 30 May 2019, 20:28:41
Thanks Milouse.

I already have those applied to my copy of Google Earth Pro. Found a bunch more. Interestingly there are not many duplications of name and/or coordinates. It's easier with the Orbiter bases as there are good coordinates for positioning them, though I noticed with New Rome that coordinates had to be adjusted between Google Earth and Orbiter. Marineris for example has two locations. One on the rim (or just south of the rim) of Marineris Valles and the other in the canyon. From a flight point of view, the former makes more sense.

A second part of the project is to include the locations from Robinson's Mars Trilogy. This one is more problematic as Robinson did not match his locations to the areography of Mars. He often uses the term "close to" and indicates good landmarks but the "close to" can be hundreds of km apart. He places Sabishii in Tyrrhena Patera "close to" Jarry-Desloges Crater. The two locations are 1455 km apart and his coordinate system does not match either Google Earth, MOLA or Orbiter. Suppose I am going to have to go back to the books and try to match physical descriptions with locations or use a best guess. At least he couldn't get Pavonis Mons and Sheffield wrong.

As for Orcus Patera, I wonder why DanSteph and Well used the actual Orcus Patera for their terrain but then placed their base to the east of Schiaparelli Crater.

Anyway, have fun and if you know of any other Mars bases that someone has prepared and not published in the usual places, please pass it along.

Bonne journée.

Offline StarLost

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Reply #3 - 31 May 2019, 04:13:54
Okay, here is a first pass of detailing what Mars bases I know of. I have included all Orbiter Mars bases that have been suggested by other members thank you all very much. There is one notable exception so far and that is the bases detailed in the DRM addon (about 20 bases). I have also included the Ares bases from "The Martian" and the Mars locations from Robinson's Mars Trilogy. Any errors are mine and mine alone. If you have corrections and additions they will be gratefully accepted.

Please note that the Mars Trilogy locations are placed as well as I can estimate. Robinson did not provide good areographical coordinates for them or good terrain descriptions, but that's fiction for you, isn't it?

You can download my preliminary copy at

Edit:  I have updated that file. It now has all of the Mars bases I have been able to find and I have fixed the "flying" between locations.

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