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Author Topic: 2016 and delta glider MK4 GL 01  (Read 2294 times)

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Offline HippieNaut

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15 February 2019, 05:17:47
Cant seem to get a clean plane change and im at the correct node
and attitude
When i activate normal or anti normal it works as expected
Until i engage full thrust then it begins to pitch up
This begins to increase my ap like im in prograde mode
What am i missing prog and retro work fine

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Offline Snax

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Reply #1 - 16 February 2019, 11:33:57
I have the same issue, I think it's because the DGIV isn't fully compatible with Orbiter 2016, untill Dan make a new version or a patch.

Offline Milouse

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Reply #2 - 16 February 2019, 16:44:13
Welcome here, HippieNaut ! :beer:

Me too. But whatever the spacecraft you use... and the Orbiter version.
For exemple, Same thing happen in Orbiter 2006, 2010 and 2016 with the single scenario "DG Mk4 in orbit" (with the default DG). Making a burn in orbit normal +/- make the ApA (and PeA a little) rising.
With or without graphic client and/or flight perturbations in Parameters tab.
Windows 10 ? :mouais: