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Author Topic: Space Shuttle for 2016  (Read 3212 times)

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Offline gattico

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24 September 2018, 14:48:33
I know there is SSU  but something easier like Sf maybe needed.  So I have been basically reworking the Atlantis code and trying to copy SF.  For Launching I am using MS2015. 
Right now I have a working rms, lights, changeable shuttles.

The BIG two thing I don't have and most likely will not have unless I learn how to make a MFD is the mfd and AFC(Automatic Flight Control)

I am not sure if the DG or another vessel I have code access could make something similar?

If we had the code to SF then someone could recomile,.....

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Reply #1 - 06 November 2018, 17:21:04
Interesting, I'm gonna have a test with it :)

About SF, unfortunately I don't think David gave the source :/

Offline gattico

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Reply #2 - 13 November 2018, 15:03:45
Thanks.  I am going to make an update soon. 

Yes the code is not available.  So I had to make up some code.  The one thing that is a major drawback is the flight control.  Auto pilot.  No idea about that.