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Hi All,

I've started work on a little modpack (Will contain Skins, Custom Cargo, Scenarios etc) for UCGO in Orbiter 2010 and I've hit a snag.

I followed the UCGO 2.0 SDK in the Doc folder, and I've created a Model in Blender, Exported it as a .3ds, and used MshMaker to turn it into a .msh, which I've placed in Meshes/UniversalCars

The Texture was made in Gimp 2, was Exported as a PNG, and converted to a .dds, and is in Textures2/UniversalCars.

The Config File is also in the correct place, And was basically Copied from CargoBarrelFuel.cfg aside from changing the name of the required mesh, as well as the weight of it.

Then I opened the "Arrow Freighter Presentation" Scenario, I went to add my custom cargo, and sure enough, It shows up on the display- i can add it to my ship, I can release and grapple it, no problems- except it's invisible.

I replaced the .msh with the same one as CargoBarrelFuel (But i renamed it to match the .cfg file, so it'd be the same as my actual cargo) and proceeded to load it again- same as before, I can load the cargo just fine, and Now it shows up with the Mesh (and Texture) from barrels! so I Edited the .msh of Barrels to find my texture, And saved it under the name of my mesh. As expected, upon loading my cargo onto the Arrow, The mesh of barels shows up, this time with my texture on it!

The tools for exporting as .msh straight from Blender appear to be gone, as none of the links load anymore EDIT: I WAS CLICKING THE WRONG LINKS! I found https://github.com/vlad32768/blender-orbiter-io/zipball/master still works, And aside from needing to rotate it, And stil specify the Correct path for the texture, all's good! I'll leave this here, in case any one else has a similar issue in the future.

Cheers Guys,


PS- Watch this space for the Pack!


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