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Hello Space Cadets!

So after a week of banging my head against my desk, I came to realize thanks to the forums, that my prime usage vessel isnít completely compatible with Orbiter2016.

So, I want to revert back to the 2010 version, and although I can find the base installation file, Iím wondering what the best place to go is for getting the high Rez textures for plants, etc.

Thanks in advance for your guidance.

You should find everything you need on Orbithangar.com

Is it what you are looking for?

What "hi-res" terrain that is available for 2010 you will find on OH. However, if you are thinking, or hoping, of using the excellent terrain tiles from 2016 in 2010, it's not going to happen. Most of us are just being patient waiting for the addon developers to update their addons.


if you are looking for Earth, Moon and Mars global hires textures available before at http://orbitersimulator.com/, they are here : https://simviation.com/1/browse-Space+Orbiter-111-1 (end of page 2 and beginning of page 3).



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