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KSC to ISS autopilot


Just updated to 2016 Orbiter, moved DG4 to runway and ran autopilot (pro903spec42). Immediately after takeoff, hover doors and landing gear reported as destroyed. Doors were on auto, gear was down but never came up. Gear destroyed as soon as liftoff occurred. Haven't been at Orbiter in a while so it's likely something I'm doing (or not doing).

The DGIV isn't known to fully work under Orbiter 2016 yet. DanSteph has yet to update his add-ons, and unfortunately we haven't heard of him in a while.

Use of his add-ons with Orbiter 2016 may lead to unexpected results. Prefer using Orbiter 2010 if you want to use the DGIV.

Thanks. It works OK, for example, on Mars. Love the DG4

If you're using PRO903, I'd recommand to set the hoover doors to closed and to retract gear manually. :)


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