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Author Topic: Project Apollo - NASSP 7.0 released!  (Read 5742 times)

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22 February 2017, 17:09:28
Project Apollo - NASSP 7.0 has been released! This is the first official release since NASSP 6.4.3 on June 09, 2006.

Project Apollo - NASSP (also known as NASSP or NCPP) is an add-on for the Orbiter Space Flight Simulator. Project Apollo simulates the Apollo missions to Earth orbit and the Moon, and is slowly expanding to simulate planned post-Apollo missions that never flew. Project Apollo features a near-full implementation of the control panels in the Command Module and Lunar Module, and an increasingly accurate simulation of the internal systems (e.g. electrical distribution, fuel cells). Also the Virtual AGC software is supported, which allows you to run precisely the same on-board guidance software as used by the real Apollo Guidance Computer.

NASSP is intended to be a study simulator, as accurate as possible. While there are optional simplified implementations of the CMC/LGC and checklist assistance available, no attempt has been made to "game-ify" it or make it more accessible at the expense of realism. Original NASA software, documentation, and procedures have been used whenever and wherever possible. Our main goal is 100% accuracy at the systems level. If you want a more user-friendly or accessible simulation there are plenty of better options, both for Orbiter and for other platforms.

A simple changelog doesn't really do the changes that were done in the last decade justice, but here is at least a list of major changes from the last release:

-Orbiter 2010 compatible, Orbiter 2016 support will be one of the main focuses of NASSP 8.0.
-Full mission support for Apollo 7 and 8.
-Fully functional 2D Panel Support throughout the CM.
-3D Virtual Cockpit (nonfunctional at the moment).
-Realistic simulation of most major spacecraft systems.
-Historically accurate checklists.
-NEW CM, SM, and KSC meshes (VAB, LUT, LC34/37/39, MSS, MLP, Crawler etc.). At this point "new" means several years old though.
-Fully integrated and functional Virtual AGC emulator, running the exact software flown on the Apollo 8 mission.
-Limited support for the Lunar Module, with some major systems missing, but integrated and functional Virtual AGC and a few preliminary scenarios for later missions that include the LM.
-Simulated Launch Vehicle Digital Computer (LVDC++) for the Saturn IB and Saturn V. Capable of Launch and Translunar Injection, maneuvering to docking attitude and more.
-Mission Control Center simulation. This optional feature lets you fly a complete mission without having to use any MFDs. All maneuvers will be calculated for you and various Pre-Advisory Data (PAD) will be automatically displayed throughout the mission. Currently this mission support is limited to supporting guidance and navigation.

Download link:
Installation instructions:
First Steps:

Find the quickstart guide under "Doc\Project Apollo - NASSP".

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Reply #1 - 22 February 2017, 17:32:36
We are not Tuesday.

But what a great news !! I think it's the good time to re-install Orbiter 2010 and check all this news features.
Many many thanks !!!  :wor:

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Offline indy91

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Reply #2 - 22 February 2017, 17:36:11
Yes, yes, I know and I am sorry. I was really pushing for a release yesterday but I didn't manage to find the time to get the release version done. I should have waited for next Tuesday!

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Reply #3 - 08 March 2017, 19:11:48
Great news, thanks for sharing!

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