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Author Topic: None of the numerical keys work on launch please help.  (Read 1886 times)

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Offline x8quicksilver8x

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31 October 2016, 02:48:24
Hi I am new to Orbiter 2010 and familiar with flight sims like Falcon BMS and DCS...
 I have read the manuals and I have been through the tutorials I have used the auto pilot using INP on the MFD but am growing bored of auto piloting to orbit.

 So on launch none of the numerical pad keys do anything on launch it takes off and goes a$$ over end immediately I have no input what so ever... oddly I'm fine when in orbit (after auto pilot sequence) I can control the shuttle with no problems using numeric keys this issue is only during launch from the pad with Atlantis.  :wall:

Offline StarLost

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Reply #1 - 01 November 2016, 18:57:20
OK. First question is what type of machine are you using Orbiter on? If you are using a laptop, it is highly advisable to purchase and install an external keypad. Secondly, have you read the Orbiter manual?

Cheers and welcome to our universe.


BTW, I have both 2010 and 2016 installed on my desktop and have no problems with the numerical side of the keyboard. My laptop is a different matter and needed the external keypad for both versions. Solved my problem so I didn't have to remap the keyboard.

Offline x8quicksilver8x

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Reply #2 - 02 November 2016, 17:23:43
Yes and thank you for replying.. I am using a laptop just thought it odd it works most other funcations and even the orbiter. I'll try that though Thank you