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Author Topic: Message to Cras  (Read 1975 times)

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Offline David413

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25 July 2015, 18:45:19
Just saw this post over on the Orbiter Forum:

I took a look at a "clean" fleet installation, and I'm surprised no one else has ever brought this up.  To remove the phantom "ZZA" base that is in the middle of the ocean (actually, it is precisely located at zero latitude, zero longitude) go into the main orbiter directory, drill down through directories \Orbiter\Config\Earth\Base, locate the "ZZA.cfg" file and delete it.  I'm not sure how that got there in the distribution package, but it has been there for a long time!

Hope this helps...


Offline Cras

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Reply #1 - 09 August 2015, 23:28:49
Yeah I am really surprised nobody has pointed this out before.  I figured out why I never saw it, I use a custom Earth with only certain bases so the ZZA base was never being loaded into my sim, but considering how many people use SF, for them to not see a base in the middle of the ocean and not report it....that I find the real mystery lol

Thanks for solution.   And Cheers!

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