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Author Topic: Brighton Beach Monorail not working on D3D9ClientR12  (Read 1836 times)

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Offline almmello

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21 September 2013, 17:16:35
Someone notice that the Brighton Beach Monorail is not working on D3D9ClientR12?
Is there someway to fix it?

Thank you

Offline jgrillo2002

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Reply #1 - 24 September 2013, 23:19:05
Jarmonik stated during Development that the monorail and solar panels have not been implemented. Im not sure when Kuddel, since hes in charge right now, is going to finally put it in.

Offline Cras

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Reply #2 - 16 October 2013, 22:24:45
I am not sure how much of a priority this is.  I remember back when there was the last discussion on what should be done next...I think vessel shadows is more important than things like the monorail on the moon.

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