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Get stunning Orbiter rendering with DX9 or DX11



In 2013 it's a shame that many user still use the stock DirectX7 for Orbiter rendering. Yet two graphic client for DX9 and DX11 are available and work very well.


Martin the author of Orbiter allowed external add-ons to be in charge of rendering, this is done by using "Orbiter_ng.exe" (NG=No Graphic) and a graphic client.


* The DeltaGliderIV, UCGO and UMmu addons aren't designed to run on Orbiter beta. Therefore even on Vista, Seven or Windows 8 better choose DX9 and Orbiter 2010 normal!
* Avoid fullscreen mode that cause problem with Orbiter's dialogs
* DX9 work  ONLY on Orbiter 2010 (100830 normal version)
* DX11 work ONLY on beta version of Orbiter
--- End quote ---

Download and install

Yet two clients are available and work very well: a DX9 client for XP machine and a DX11 client for Vista and higher machine.

You can download the DX9 client from this link:

And the DX11 client from this link:

Follow install instruction.

Once unzipped in Orbiter directory launch "Orbiter_ng.exe" instead of "Orbiter.exe", check the client of your choice in "Modules" and select the video option:

The result:

Both clients allow all the next gen rendering as bump map, normal map, shaders etc. etc.

For example the new UMmu 2.5 use normal map (dynamic shadow)

And here below is what you would get with the stock DX7 rendering:

DX7 rendering:

DX9 rendering with anisotropic and antialiasing filtering.

24 aug 2013 - Updated the first post with "Important things to know" information.

Hi Dan,

The DeltaGliderIV, UCGO and UMmu addons actually work quite well on Orbiter beta.

Just thought I'd mention this

Thanks for information, there is a problem with wind and UMMu anyway.

I think the DX9 and 11 are amazing little clients and well worth useing if you enjoy a crisper image quality when useing Orbiter. Adding a few little extra effects on skins are displayed better under DX9 and 11 and certainly does encourage developers to go that little bit further to enhance user experience when creating textures.

I think it should really be incorperated as part of the main Orbiter package. Personally, I get very few problems with the graphics client and find myself attracted more to addons now that utilise the client, than not.

Onwards and upwards, and of course a decent paint package helps    ;)


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