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Author Topic: UCGO help text error  (Read 2186 times)

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11 January 2013, 15:35:27
Hi again.
I don't know if this is a speficific Pictown error or a more generic UCGO error.

The first screen is the UMMU 2.5 help page (from _UMmu 2.5 Demo\UMmu New features of 2.5 version\Human gallery scenario).
The text is scaled down as Orbiter is launched in a small 800x600 window.

The second screen is the help page from Pictown\01-Welcome to Pictown_UCGO scenario).
The text is not scaled down, and part of it is lost, outside of window boundaries.
The help page should be the second one (I mean, I've pressed "H" 2 times), but it displays "Page 4.....".

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Reply #1 - 12 January 2013, 14:56:30
Muuuuch thanks :beer:

I'll have a look !


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