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Author Topic: Reentry - Atmo autopilot  (Read 2250 times)

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Offline KrazyKyle

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16 February 2012, 16:16:21
I'm just getting into reentry with the DG IV. WHen I get into the atmoshpheric regime, 20-30 km altitude, I try to use the atmo autopilot (Prog110SPEC0), but it will not accept changes in heading, and oddly, the craft doesn't go anywhere. It blasts along happily at the heading it wants at about 300m/s, but when I should be approaching a target at 1 km in 3 seconds, I just sit in the same place.

The autopilot works fin after taking off from the ground, though.

Offline shhhilent1

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Reply #1 - 19 February 2012, 16:45:03
hmmm... im sorry but im not good with that autopilot or reentey. so i cant really help you :/

Offline XB-982

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Reply #2 - 16 June 2012, 19:46:02
Hum, i do think the atmospheric auto pilot isn't designed for altitudes such as 30km.
That's why it may be lagging, maybe not enought air control also or to much response from the auto pilot
Try to use it under 20 km and under the speed of 900m/s

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