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Author Topic: DGIV Lagging (Never Happened)  (Read 1684 times)

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Offline Tonylx4

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19 July 2010, 23:11:46
When I go in the cockpit of the DGIV it starts to lag a lot. It has never done this before first I tried Orb. 2010 (Orbiter 2010) and it was lagging and I thought maybe it wouldn't work on Orb. 2010. So then I tried Orb. 2006 and it still lags. Can you show me how to fix this problem or what I need to do ( Get this Software ...Get this DLL ... etc. )


EDIT AGAIN: Its not only DGIV its when ever I go 2d in the cockpit.

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Offline Bibi Uncle

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Reply #1 - 20 July 2010, 17:07:43
Hi Tonylx4 !

When you said "It's only DG-IV nothing else", you're saying that you only have the DG-IV as add-on in your Orbiter ?

Also, did you change your PC or your Windows since the last time you have played with the DG-IV ?

Finaly, what lags do you have ? Only drop of framerate, graphic problems, a CTD (Crash To Desktop), a Windows BlueScreen ?

With those questions answered, we'll be able to help you ;).


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Offline jb42682

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Reply #2 - 10 August 2010, 13:32:13
I agree with bibi. "Lag" defines a low ping from your comp to a server. So this is impossible since orbiter is offline.
Is the problem internal external our both? if you go external and can mvoe around without any "lag" then it's a defiently a problem with your dgiv. If so try downloading the latest version if not already done. if the problem continues in external it's your comp. this would be obvious because it would effect other programs "gaming" gl

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