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Author Topic: DGIV Cockpit Disaster  (Read 1683 times)

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Offline twaitsey

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12 July 2010, 02:54:04
I've been using orbiter 2006p1 up until the release of orbiter 2010, and I have noticed this problem in both versions. When you leave the DGIV for a time, and transfer your view into another ship (noticeably the Arrow Freighter), and then swap back to the DGIV, the cockpit we all know and love is, well, gone! In it's place is a set of green MFDs and nothing else. Leaving the sim and coming back doesn't work, and neither do any combination of hotkeys I could find. I've tried the usual quickfix of changing to 32bit colour depth, and that don't work either. Any help much obliged!

P.S: Love the DGIV! Like, really really really REALLY love it! :-)

Offline Fox-Terrier

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Reply #1 - 13 July 2010, 18:17:01
F8 key changes trough the cockpit types
welcome ! :beer:

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