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-LolaMFD cause CTD with cargo release/grapple - Please Disable LolaMFD or upgrade for fixed version:

-suborbMFD may cause CTD

-FirstPerson cause CTD with key F5 in vehicle - Please Disable FirstPerson Module before F5.
(Or see if there is an updated version)

-Old UMMU compatible vessel cause CTD at UMmu ingress - Launch the patch utility
 located in "Utils/UMmu15AddonPatch.exe"

-Moon base not displayed is due to old base addon designed for Orbiter 2003 that overwrite
 the moon.cfg with an outdated base system.

-black sky and UMmu movment problem see here:

-Bump&jump with UMmu or cars with future date (eg 2050)
this is due to an orbiter bug already submited to martin:
Solution: set date to 2001.

-Ctrl+Alt+down in Arrow turn screen up-side-down.
Graphic card hotkey have this effect, see you GC hotkey setup.

-XR-2 can't be refuelled by cars.
The XR-2 have a preferences that forbid refuelling from landpad. Edit config to allow refuel.

-Crew transfer issue with UMmu.
Usually due to space or strange characters in vessel's name. ie: avoid "DG  4" or "DG4?" use "DG4"


-Where are the ISS, SHUTTLA and ISRU addons for UCGO ?
They are now integrated in the default installation, you can find their documentation in "Doc/UniversalCarAndCargo/" folder.

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1.How do you program a probe to land in a certain place?
2.How do you see cargo manifest to see cargo types inside a DGIV?
3.Is there any procedure or checklist to dock with Arrow without colliding with the docking bay? (just for the sake of
4.Is there a way to switch to EVA without using F3 screen?
5.When you create UMMU, it tells you that it must be renamed.  I am not clear about the structure of the name.

5 : well,  as an example a name (My_Name) an age (30) a function (Capt; Doc ; etc.) you write it with your keyboard and press
enter when you have finished

1 : you can't. You will have to train hard ;)

3 : :wonder: maybe flying under the bay doors ?

3. If you fire RCS upward, you may burn the docking bay.  Doing the docking with inertial forces only looks very difficult
to get the ship inside.  Since docking port is inside and the margin to move is small, it seems a precision maneuver,
even harder than normal docking with ISS.

Alright, I'm running into a problem when trying to transfer crew from the DGIV-2 to the Arrow.  When I attempt to EVA a
crewmember over from the DGIV, the crewmember doesn't appear on the Arrow crewlist, and an invisible UMmu mesh called "UMmuTArrow_Alpha" is spawning at the Arrow's Airlock 1 (near the cargo).  I've attempted to fix the problem by reducing the number of ships in the scenario and disabling all modules except for Orbiter Sound, but no luck.  A clean install didn't help either.  Any idea what might be breaking?  

Thanks for your help folks!


Update: Ok, I figured out what was causing the trouble.  I had named my freighter "Arrow Alpha".  The problem I'm getting is a result of putting a space in the name of the vehicle I'm attempting to transfer to.  I'm guessing that UMmu does something that refers to Arrow_Alpha (replacing the space with an underscore) to process the transfer.  Since there's no vehicle called Arrow_Alpha, the transfer fails, and the ghost UMmu is the result.

I renamed the freighter "ArrowAlpha", and that solved the problem.

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