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Author Topic: Uploading addon and compression problem/question  (Read 1706 times)

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Offline Balladeer

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12 December 2008, 16:10:25
Hey there.  I'm trying to upload another skin but I'm having a problem.  Dan requires that the upload not exceed
4mb.  Unfortunately when I try to compress my file to a zip its size is about 6mb.  My problem and confusion is this:

I took a look at the size of at least one of my other skins that I've done before and zipped successfully.  When I look
at this skin's three different dds files, they are the exact same size as the files I'm trying to upload now.  So why is
the zip file still coming in at around 6mb?

Once again, all three dds files in my new skin are the exact same size as the three dds files in one of my previous
skins, yet the new skin is only compressing down to 6mb where as the previous skins I've done have always been
compressed to just over 2mb in the past.

This is confusing to me.


Offline Dig Gil

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Reply #1 - 12 December 2008, 23:22:44
Maybe there's different colours, some colours "eat" more space than others. But as you say that before compressing
the DDS's are the same size as other textures that have been already successfully compressed consider how the
zipping process works ( Maybe your textures are a bit too
much  colourful...

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At Light Speed and Beyond!!!

Offline Balladeer

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Reply #2 - 13 December 2008, 01:11:39
Thanks Dig Gil.  I don't know what's doing it but it probably has something to do with what you say.  I happened to
use quite a bit of "noise" affect for this skin and perhaps this is the cause.  I applied noise on a couple of occassions
on this skin and perhaps this is causing the issue.  It just seems wierd that even my other skins uncompressed are
the exact same size but when they get zipped, they are only about 2mb where my new skin only compresses to
6mb.  I'm sure the problem is in what you have suggested.

I'll have to mess around with it I suppose.


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