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Author Topic: Upload problem  (Read 1905 times)

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Offline Balladeer

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24 March 2008, 21:06:38
Hey there.  I'm trying to upload a couple of new skins but I'm getting this error message:

"Misc error, your data don't match the existing record"

Does anyone know what this is?  My files are in zip format, they are under the maximum file size, and my preview
picture is the correct size.

Thank you.

Offline MartySpaceLines

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Reply #1 - 24 March 2008, 22:10:28
Try to unzip your folder in a new orbiter directory.
Maybe one file is not where it has to??



Offline James.Denholm

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Reply #2 - 24 March 2008, 22:45:51
No, no no no. He's uploading, not installing an addon.

Personally, I've never uploaded anything here (probably not a good thing), so I can't help you. In fact, I'm just posting
here so I can get my post count up! And to clarify things to Marty.

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Offline Balladeer

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Reply #3 - 25 March 2008, 01:09:08
Yes I'm trying to upload some prelude skins.  I've done it once succesfully already so I'm not sure why this is
happening.  I've got a couple of new prelude skins that I'm happy about.

Offline sunshine135

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Reply #4 - 26 March 2008, 02:33:41
It is a kinda sorta funky glitch. Try it again and see if you aren't successful. I don't know why the issue occurs. It does
seem to happen with larger files though.


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