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Author Topic: Function aboard DGIV - Any idea ?  (Read 18899 times)

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Offline woo482

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Reply #75 - 17 April 2007, 20:24:38
hey I have a 1 year old plot

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Offline R Groszewski

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Reply #76 - 17 April 2007, 22:01:30
I have another Idea.  Why isn't there a person who can fix a damaged DGIV? Then there would be real use for the
Engineer and the Technician!  Kind of like the DGIC, downloadable at orbithangar.

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Offline Felix

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Reply #77 - 17 April 2007, 22:03:23
I think it's a quite a good idea, but rather for the next version of UMMU, and only if it isnt too hard to implement.
after all, it likely to be a rarely-used feature.
As it says "universal" in UMMU, there's nothing that speaks against using it together with planet-bound vessels on, say,
mars, or with stations with huge rotating wheels (which, if big enough, might create some sort of artificial gravity indeed)
People might still want to reproduce even on mars, after all, and it might be possible for a child to grow up in a 0.6-0.8g
environment or so without real deficits, given that medicine can compensate what few ill effects do show up.
i also think it should end there. noone really needs dogs or hamsters that can eva.

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