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Author Topic: Cool New Things Dan has been working on.  (Read 1685 times)

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Offline sunshine135

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05 April 2007, 16:23:54
If you wonder why Dan has only been responding here and there, he has been mainly in programming mode for the
past few days.
He has been working on a cool new SDK to give all ships the capability of using the UMmu. Check out this link on the
Orbiter forum:

The contributions Dan has made to the joy of using Orbiter cannot be explained in words!


"Sun Dog"

Offline DanSteph

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Reply #1 - 05 April 2007, 18:04:23
I'm in 17 hours-programming-per-day mode ;)

All is upcomming well as said in mail, beta release of Ummu is due soon.

(I always planned to release DGIV Ummu and OrbiterSound3.5 in same time
this explain why I switch from DGIV to UMMU (not really a switch, DGIV "Ummu"
is upgraded in same time)


Offline Ilpalazzo

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Reply #2 - 05 April 2007, 21:38:10
Wow, finally it will be easer to make our creation "mmu-able" :)

I'll try to make a space station able to manage some crew...

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