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Author Topic: DeltaGliderIV discontinued  (Read 19732 times)

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Offline DanSteph

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10 January 2007, 20:34:49
[EDIT FROM MODERATOR] Sorry for below, public beta was probably not the things to do it was finally more a
pain than a help. My mistake. Now the beta is closed but you can register in beta team here:

You may read my explaination about what happened here:

798 download of BETA 4, only a few reports, two beta tester almost serious...
Conclusion: peoples confond beta test and final release and do not have time
to help.

I do not have time either so I'll do the job I left during three month
to do free work for the Orbiter community and come back in 6 month
to see if peoples have more time.

Thanks to all those that helped.


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Offline willy88

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Reply #1 - 11 January 2007, 00:44:34
Uh uhmm uh...

I don't know what to say.. :doubt:


Offline Twilight

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Reply #2 - 11 January 2007, 00:58:30
And now we can't download it anymore >:(

Leave for 1 week and this is what you get :'(

Offline computerex

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Reply #3 - 11 January 2007, 01:17:54
I am really sorry this is how it turned out Dan. It's just that people love your work so much, and you are such a talented
programmer that it seems that people think it's obvious that your product is going to be fantastic. I think 758 downloads
prove this. Your DGIII, and orbitersound are must have addons, and I am sure there are only a few of many out there that
don't have those 2 addons in their installs. ANYTIME at all do you need me for anything, please do contact me.

Offline Voyager

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Reply #4 - 11 January 2007, 01:20:24

Its not that bad Dan, I mean, when i was building the Orbiter Scenario Editor (one developed before the one in
Orbiter now, and discontinued due to time shortage) 1100 people downloaded every version i released, but i only
had 2 real beta testers who were giving me any usefull feedback. Especially given the populairity of the DGIII, you
could expect thousands of downloads for the DGIV eventually.

I cant give you any feedback on the DGIV cause i only had the time to try it for less then a hour, and found no bugs
or errors what to ever in that time, I spend more time tying to figure the new functions out. granted i didnt
completely put it through its paces to give you any kind of feed back other then the initial jaw dropping on the floor.

Off course you are the developper of the DGIV and have every right to discontinue it, but as i read, you made some
significant improvements to the DGIV after the Beta 4 release. Why not simply compile it as a Beta 5 and let it sissle
in orbithangar for a few months, see if people find any more problems and note them down for future reference, for
when you have more time for it again.

Anyway, it's completely your call what should happen to the DGIV, the above is just a suggestion.

Best Regards,


Offline Moser

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Reply #5 - 11 January 2007, 01:27:49
Hate to see it discontinued. I hadn't tried it yet. Thanks for the great time and effort you gave us!

-Dan Moser-

Offline willy88

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Reply #6 - 11 January 2007, 01:36:18
Orbiter will never be the same... :(


Offline salva85

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Reply #7 - 11 January 2007, 01:40:00
How? Not will  DGIV more? but DG is the best add-ons for orbiter!!!

I don`t report any but it's perfect.

Offline Evan

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Reply #8 - 11 January 2007, 01:55:33
omg...i downloaded it my testing is serious...i just havent been here to post my reveiws....the skins are still a little
grainy but other than that i love it!!!!! the reason no oneposted reveiws is cus it is practically perfect!

Offline Genesis

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Reply #9 - 11 January 2007, 02:03:55
Dan have you lost it?  What do you mean  by "discontinued?"  PLEASE continue to work on the DG 4!!!!  Your addon is GREAT!
Oh please don't stop with the addon!

IF you don't continue then thank you very much for the work that you have done. I appreciate it.

Offline Cairan

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Reply #10 - 11 January 2007, 02:09:41
Hmmm... I want to add my voice of people who have not found bugs with the DG IV...

I've flown it in the usual punishment regimes and EVERY THING was okay...

A lack of bug reports is not a bad thing IMHO.

Offline Quick_Nick

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Reply #11 - 11 January 2007, 02:25:13
cry cry cry, sob sob sob!!!!!!!!!
I think it is because it really doesn't have many bugs and can take a while to find them.


Offline Zeehond

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Reply #12 - 11 January 2007, 02:50:47
DanSteph, I joined this forum to say I enjoy your work a lot. Orbitersound must be installed on almost every orbiter install
and the DGIII was a great hit too. I think you've made the DGIII a lot better in the last couple of months with a lot of cool
features and extras and it's now rightly called DGIV.
I have used the betas of the DGIV as if they were final, because in my use, I just didn't find any bugs not already reported.
I only encountered one strange thing when I ejected my crew, landed on the ground near KSC, grappled another astronaut and
released him again. After that, one astronaut would react to forwards/backwards and the other astronaut to sideways commands.
But I was not using a clean orbiter install and I forgot about it.
I think your point is that people have experiences like this and not test those experiences a lot to give you a full and
worthwhile test report to find the bug quickly. I apologize for using your beta and not researching it better to give you an
opportunity to make one of the best addons really really bug free and I understand your frustration.

All the best,


Post Edited ( 01-11-07 02:53 )

Offline reekchaa

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Reply #13 - 11 January 2007, 03:06:16
  Dan, to be honest, I encountered a few TINY bugs but didn't want to 'bug' you about them.  Unless it's a CTD, I think
most of us aren't going to be broken hearted over a simple graphical anomaly or easily resettable condition.  
I mean, It's Freeware... you can only demand perfection from people who get paid for their work.  
You, Dan, shouldn't have to cater to a bunch of whiners for anything in Orbiter... just make what you like and share it
with us if you'd like.  Your professionalism towards bug-hunting is in respectably high standard, but can be a really
disheartening and back breaking process ( least it was for me in game dev.)
If anything, I was hoping you didn't get Overwhelmed with complaints of this and that so that you could get back to
the core creative fun of what you love to do.  Free mind-opening creativity.  Artistic design needs to be nurtured.

~ the Reekchaa

Offline warm icepack

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Reply #14 - 11 January 2007, 03:19:17
I would also like to say that I never ran into any issue with the DG-IV save the following:
-The funky gear issue in the scenario "Transworld Express Company" - issue seemed to resolve itself after I restarted Orbiter
-The on Orbit crash when starting a 'current scenario' on orbit -found before I could mention it.
-A random CTD that happened once. -Again, restarted Orbiter, never found any problems after that.
-The turbopacks refueling themselves- found by someone else and fixed before I could mention it.

I put it through my typical flying routines, through transfers, docking, re-entries. Other than losing the ability to stick
re-entries in this ship (something I was never all that great at without exceeding G-limits anyway), I never really managed
to find anything to mess it up. It played nice with other add-ons, MFDs and modules. No complaints here!

Maybe my computer specs simply make it difficult for me to experience graphics issues. I have no idea. All I know is that
your vessel always worked when I flew it. The few things I did notice were found or were unconsequential. It even played nice
with all my add-ons.

At any rate, you have my thanks for your work. Good luck with your future endeavors and I hope we'll see you again.

Offline Ben sisko

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Reply #15 - 11 January 2007, 03:31:02
8o I just downloaded the new dll's last night (the wheel gyrations were resolved but I never had an issue with
rendom freezes) and I didn't have a chance to respond until now. I understand the need to get back to your "real
world" responsibilities but your contributions to this community will be missed! The DeltaGliderIV is fantastic with few
bugs. I hope to see you back in the forum soon :sad:

Thank you,


Offline Travis Reed

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Reply #16 - 11 January 2007, 04:09:21
I take a few of days off and look what happens...beta 4 gets released and taken down even before I can test it out...

Offline fce_to_aux

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Reply #17 - 11 January 2007, 04:35:47
I have been an anonymous user of your fine work (... and of the good Dr. Schweiger too it goes without saying) for
many months now since stumbling on Orbiter and shortly thereafter your great add on last year.  I am a 40's
something space buff, old video game programmer (I used to program for the SEGA Genesis game machine) too.  
Anyway, I felt compelled to register and go on record for what i believe must be a sizable-but-silent community of
Orbiter users and  say that we are very appreciatiative great work.  Personally, I have spent many, many, happy
hours at the controls of the DGIII and thought the DGIV was coming along great.  I am sorry that some of a very
vocal minority doesn't understand  BETA.  And now I regret I did not get an oppurtunity to try BETA 4.  Still, the DGIII
is undoubtably the best orbiter addon, the -IV is going to be even better.  Thank you for all of your hard work.

"Try F C E to aux....."

Offline sunshine135

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Reply #18 - 11 January 2007, 04:50:21
:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

You've poured so much time into the DGIV and it is awesome. There have been very few bugs and no CTDs. Please reconsider your

I also understand the concept of "if you don't work you don't eat", so do what you must.

I have been happy to take the extra time out of my day to beta test. I apologize if it was not enough.

Thank you for all of your hard work,

"Sun Dog"

Offline Arkalius

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Reply #19 - 11 January 2007, 06:35:32
Nevermind... Post would probably be taken the wrong way

I'll leave one thing in though...

The main reason most people are not coming here and reporting bugs is probably because they aren't experiencing any. I know I haven't had any problems. As for the people making bug reports of less than desireable quality, well, we are all most of us just end users, not professional testers... And I know from experience that dealing with users and their problems is not easy.

Post Edited ( 01-11-07 06:45 )


Offline Michelle Megan

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Reply #20 - 11 January 2007, 07:15:37
Oh my.


I.. um.... wow.. :(

The Universe Honors All Clearly Defined Intentions Which Are Backed By Absolute Commitment.

Offline Zeehond

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Reply #21 - 11 January 2007, 07:22:11
Arkalius, I think your first post was fine too.

I'd like to add to your edited post that the systems featured in the DGIV are complex so there is a high possibility of
conditions that rarely occur.
I guess (and only guess) DanSteph had a couple of very dedicated people helping him with beta testing his flight simulator
addon and the beta testing of the DGIV was not on the same level.

DanSteph, just do what is wise for your family. Orbitersim is just a hobby and I hope you will release some form of the DGIV.
I think most people will be pleased with the beta 4 version even.

Offline aus_pilot

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Reply #22 - 11 January 2007, 09:04:04
I've used all the Beta versions of the DGIV, and never had a CTD or other bug that wasn't mentioned already by the time I got
here to post. As I didn't see any point to telling you about issues you were already aware o, so no posts from me..

How can I post issues if:

a) They have already been mentioned.


b) I didn't have any issues. (Other than those already mentioned.)

In fact, to be honest, the DG4 has NEVER caused  a CTD for me..

So maybe you're a victim of your own success here Dansteph?


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Offline Jumperado

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Reply #23 - 11 January 2007, 10:02:48
I found no errors on DG IV Beta 3.
I didnt downloaded the Beta 4 because im out of time to play around.

Then when I finally got some time I found this bullshit.
Just admit that you have better things to do and go do it.
You cant do DGIV for living. It not OUR fault if you are doing bad administration of your time.
We sincerily love your work, its amazing but you cant blame us because we are not 'polishing your shoes' all the time.
My vote is for you to go work and get some real money, you are talented.
Im following your work since....cant remeber(2 or 3 year?).
Go on and open your business, make tons of money, you deserve it, Polli.
Dont wait to much about us, bunch of 'balls lickers'.

Dont you ever thought about doing an Orbiter of your own? I would buy it, for sure.
Landscape(mountains), real water(not a blue floor), real damage (no more ghost meshs).
I saw your FSPassenger its a great work.
I think that you can do all at once: a real work, use the DGIV and get some money.

Thats the kind of help I had to give, as an friendly advice.

Post Edited ( 01-11-07 10:20 )

Offline LostOblivion

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Reply #24 - 11 January 2007, 10:09:36
I haven't been playing Orbiter for long, but as far as I understand Dan's add-ons (dg and sound) is by far the most
professional addons for this game and it really puts Orbiter from a physics project by mister Schweiger to an actual
game which is fun to play.

I think, though, that it would be nice if Dan'd make the latest version of the DGIV available again... =)

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But one cannot live in the cradle forever."
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