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Author Topic: Orbiter Sound  (Read 1684 times)

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Offline JJacobs

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12 November 2006, 23:06:58
Hey everybody,
I installed orbiter sound, and ever since whenever I go to my external view whenever I'm in space (I'm okay on the
ground)  the sim just goes to infinite warp time, I try slowing warp down to .1, does nothing  Whenever I deactivate
the module the sim functions pergectly normal, I tried redownloading, reinstalling, different methods of reinstalling,
any help?

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Offline DocHoliday

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Reply #1 - 12 November 2006, 23:38:36
That's an odd one.

What immediatelly comes to mind is that there is a problem with your computers ability to play .mp3 files:
- Either the stock .mp3 file is somehow corrupted (because by default in external view, music should be played)
- You do not have WinAMP (I think this might be required) or any other software to play .mp3's installed
- OrbiterSound might be interefing with another module and/or sound utility.

Do you use any kind of addon vessel, that has its own implementations of sound. Apollo? Mercury? Frontier 55Cancri? or
something like that..

Personally I think the safest bet is WinAMP either not working correctly or not being there.... try double-checking that.

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