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Author Topic: Delta GlidderIII UV Modification  (Read 1615 times)

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Offline spiritofstars

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25 July 2006, 08:20:44

I try to modify in 3DsMax the UV Map.  I working in the game industry and I try to optimise de Maps and the UV.  Now
I have separate top and bottom maps for the wing without losing definition in the maps. Same thing for the
rudders...   But after re-expoting it ( via MeshGrabber...), I got wrong animated part when opening the antena.  I
have recreate the solars panels because I got and error when exporting them.  They are simple objects (planes, 2
polygons).  And they are properly named.  

Anyone know why the program did not reconize them properly?  Or maybe you can help me find information about
that.  SDK, Tutorials, etc..

Thank You!

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