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Author Topic: @Dan Steph:My wish list for DGIII as educational tool  (Read 6927 times)

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Offline ar81

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07 July 2006, 02:01:41
You probably saw the video at Orbit Hangar showing a kid piloting a DG to orbit.
I will list the comments fo kids on DGIII:
1.DGIII passengers and pilot are ugly.  If it could use standard DG mesh, it could be great.
2.DGIII doesn´t have a virtual cockpit, it adds lots of immerson to kids.  If it could use standard DG mesh, it could be
3.MMUs have male face (a single mesh) despite of gender (I let them do some space walks by putting their names in
the passenger list) .  Could it be possible to make separate meshes for men and women?  It is weird for them to see
an astronaut with a female name and a male face.
4.A fuel truck.  Kids want to see the truck coming and attaching.

You probably may like to test "Orbiter for kids" tutorial at Orbit Hangar, so yo can see that a kid is perfectly capable of
piloting.  And also you may like to see the video where an 8 year old kid piloted a DG in national TV, bradcasted by
Repretel, in Costa Rica, 2005.

DGIII is a great educational tool.  I am using it for the second lesson after the "Orbiter for kids" tutorial (which is
lesson 1).  They get familiar with a "complex" but indeed simple panel, which is very well designed.  You did a great
job there.  The ascent autopilot is great as the first experience, before they learn the principles to bring a DG
manually to space.  Ascent autopilot helps them to enjoy their first ride to space.

I know you are not paid for making DGIII, but you must know that your work has an educational value.
I am currently using DGIII MMUs to teach them the basics on space maneuvering they need before they try docking to
I am using Orbiter 2005 at school because DGIII has a bug when you switch to an MMU in 2006.  Gear is down and
nose is closed despite of not really being like that.

I encourage you to make a DGIII for 2006 and if possible, consider this wish list.

I just want to thank you for making such a great addon.

Offline Quick_Nick

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Reply #1 - 07 July 2006, 06:08:33
ar81 wrote:
4.A fuel truck.  Kids want to see the truck coming and attaching.
Yes I do. And now that ther is scenario editing, you might be able to load a mesh AND destroy it now so you dont
have a truck floating with you. hmm maybe you could destroy it already since you can do EVAs and make a astronaut
disappear again.



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Reply #2 - 08 July 2006, 14:33:57
Dear Ar81.
I dont see the video!
Can you post or send me a link?
It would be fun!!!

Im also a kid!:baaa:
Im 13 years old and i want also nice faces:badsmile:
A 3D cockpit and a fuel truck!:)
Orbiter is a really nice sim!
and its free:)
Keep up the good work!:top:

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Offline Krytom

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Reply #3 - 10 July 2006, 01:47:15
Orbiter is a really nice sim!
and its free:)

Really?!?!? 8o
I've been here years. Never occured to me before....:wonder:


Anyway, serious side now:

The male/female MMU idea is a new one, which could be added to the long wish list for Dan's future work. The fuel truck has
been considered before, but it has not been requested from Dan before as far as I am aware. The other requests are things
we've been wanting for a long time. At the time of the release of Orbiter 2005 Dan was tied up with personal problems that
needed his full attention, so no updates to the DGIII could be made. Dan was also busy with FSPassengers. Now however
FSPassengers is complete and as far as I know Dan is back on solid ground. I wonder now if Dan finally has the time to
consider to start working through our 'little' wish list. We'll have to wait for his say.

Offline DanSteph

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Reply #4 - 10 July 2006, 03:17:49
"personal problem" was no job... one need money to eat and feed familly ;)

Fspassengers was a good add-on with good sales (ranked 5th on simmarket sales)
but this is not sufficient to ensure our future...

So a DGIV or other upgrade depend of my free time (money) wich is not much yet.
Anyway wish list registered...

Ps: krytom, wanna be a redactor ? :)


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Offline simcosmos

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    • simcosmos
Reply #5 - 19 July 2006, 11:09:46
Arriving late at the party but there is an "old" fuel truck available at avsim:

It uses spacecraft.dll. Haven't tested with Orbiter2006 (addon's date is 24th January 2003) but if there is any need to
update it, it should be easy.


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Offline NASSAC

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Reply #6 - 31 July 2006, 22:56:18
I don't see any problem with using the DGIII as it is for educational purpose. I have used it to teach kids orbital mechanics and
how to dock with ISS. There is plenty there to satisfy the educational application. Seeing the fuel trick has more eye candy impact
than edcational in my opinion. I  think if schools want people like Dan to provide more complete models then I
would suggest they budget some money for model development. I would ask Dan how much work would you be
willing to do say for $1,000? I mean if education is important then lets pay those that have the talent to enhance
our understanding with better models.

NASSAC Director


Offline markl316

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Reply #7 - 01 August 2006, 17:41:43
I'm a kid too.  I'm 15.  I have piloted a dgIII all over the solar system, even all the way to pluto.  The DGIII has taught
me a ton about orbital mechanics, how spacecraft work, etc. :beer:

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