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Author Topic: DGIII wishlist  (Read 1684 times)

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Offline ar81

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29 March 2006, 18:01:58
As you may have notice, I was developing Space Orbinomics which adds economic rules, based on Badreamīs rules to
Orbiter.  The last beta which can be downloaded at Orbit Hangar, has a scenario generator.

However I found a problem to customize scenarios.  Upgrades are not reflected on them.  I didnīt find the variables
to upgrade the ship.

Could it be posible to specify the upgrade level in the scenario for each craft in a future version?

Sorry about asking.  I just had to.  Right now the player must adjust upgrade levels manually, and I wanted to
automate this.

As you may know I am primarily focused on supporting DGIII and as things go, I will support Shuttle A2.

Thanks Dan for this beautiful addon.

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