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Author Topic: electrical system of the DGIII or maybe DGIV  (Read 1692 times)

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Offline moccakoenig

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09 February 2006, 23:34:17
I love the DGIII and all its features - far more than just "flying around".

For example it's real fun to power-on the ship by check list and see how the power consumption rises with every
device that is switched on.
So, I often thought about ways to refine the ship's systems (but without getting as complex as the dragonfly's).

Here is a list of things, that came to my mind:

- The generators: What kind of fuel do they use? They sound like small turbines when they start. As turbines don't run
with hydrogen, I think that they may have seperate fuel tanks.
- The fuel cell: The present fuel cell is just for emergency and (as I remember) can not be cut off after It was started. I
think it would be a good idea to use them as the main power source, wich are supplied by the main tanks. A second
option would be to make them work in both directions, so they can also produce hydrogen and oxygen with
- A solar panel: When there would be any fuel consumption during generating electric power (maybe next release?), it
would be fine to have some solar panels to reduce the consumption. They could be fixed on the DG's hull or combined
with the heater. With reversible fuel cells it would be even possible to create fresh fuel and oxygen for the cabin air.
- Water tanks: While using fuel cells, there is always water as a product of the chemical reaction. Instead of dumping it
into space, it could be collected for several resons: 1. As a source to recreate H2 and O2 with solar power 2. To get
drinking water for the crew 3. To water the flowers in the passengers cabin*g*

What for?
I think it would bring new options and possibilities to the sim. For example it would make then a difference for long
missions, if you manage your electricity well or not. And it would give you something to do while you wait for your
arrival at the destination - you'll have to take care that the solar panels point towards the sun and make sure that the
useage of energy is as low as possible. Another thing would be the option to cut off the generators and fuel cells
orbiting a planet - just using battery on the dark side and solar panels on the bright side.

NOTE: Please don't understand this topic only as a "wish list" for a possible next release - I think there could be also a
general discussion wether those gimmicks are desirable or not.

Offline AndyMan

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Reply #1 - 10 February 2006, 06:02:34
I dunno much, I admit, but The water could probably be used in a sublimator, as part of the cooling system...

Offline NASSAC

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Reply #2 - 12 February 2006, 05:45:09
I like your ideas. It would add another realm of reality for the mission. DGIII is evolving how be it ever so slowly. First
the idea, then the spark, now if only Dan or somebody else with the skills can make it happen? It proves one thing,
we are never satisfied. We always want more! Not a criticism, just an observation.


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