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Author Topic: Really Wierd Scenario File Glitch  (Read 1685 times)

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07 August 2005, 01:39:59
I am at a loss and would apreciate some help.

I created a scenario with two damaged DGs in lunar orbit. One has damaged engines and cant land on its own, and the other has
no power (the generators are dead and the battery is to low to start them)

So far it looks good, the story makes sense and everything is swell in me-creating-scenario land.

But I can't seem to change to status of the emergency fuel cell in the scenario file. (  "Emergency_power" , in the file)

I tried setting it to 0 and other levels. The mission still loads the ship with a level of 100%.

I also tried loading the mission, draining the cell for a little bit, and then checking the "current state" file. It wrote it
as "Emergency_power 7761.8223"

Then I reloaded the saved state, and the emergency cell was back at 100%!

Is this just me? Am I crazy? Is there another paramater I have to change? Are the gremlins in my computer? WHAT IS GOING ON?!

P..S. At the very least, I could just put a note in the file stating that using emergency power is cheating. But that just
wouldn't be the same.

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