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Author Topic: How to read or calculate temperatures?  (Read 1685 times)

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Bob Denny

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18 July 2005, 05:06:03
I am in the process of doing a large set of re-entry profiles for DGIII, to avoid the guesswork that seems to be everywhere.
Eventually, I want to produce a set of cue-cards that will allow precise re-entries.

One of thhe things I would like to capture is the temperature profiles during re-entry. Is there any (secret) call into the
DGIII Vessel for this? Or may I have the code that you use to generate the temperatures from the documented vessell,
aerodynamic, and atmospheric data that are available?

Other things (unrelated): What is the Range in DISP-3? What do you use for the entry interface altitude when calculating the
re-entry angle and speed? The one from the Planet? I'd like to make the numbers from Jarmo's BaseSync match yours. Finally,
what is your G force calculation? I'm using the one calculated in FlightDataRecorder, but I think it is a guess whether it
matches DGIII's calculation.

Thanks!! And thanks for DGIII, it is really wonderful! I know you spent a LOT of time on it!

  -- Bob

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