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Author Topic: orbiter crashes when loading some saved states  (Read 1682 times)

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28 June 2005, 13:07:29
Hi all.
My english is not very good, excuse me if I said something wrong.

I have a problem with DGIII when loading some saved states.
For example: If I flying close to Earth or Mars or Moon and few time from take off has passed, all saved states of this
flight loads successfully. But if I in "deep space" far from Earth or another planet, and several months passed from
take off, I can't load any of such saved states. Orbiter exits without any error message, log files have no error
messages at all. "orbiter.log" and "orbitersound_log.txt" have checked. With another ship all works fine. Can anyone
help me with this?

My system:
PIII 1000MHz
512Mb SDRAM (133 MHz)
GeForce2 MX400
chipset i815EP

OS Windows XP professional SP1 (all drivers properly installed and configured).

Orbiter with patch1 and patch2 applied.


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