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Author Topic: Use of Music and radio messages  (Read 1689 times)

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Offline Falcoleprof

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07 May 2005, 13:54:49
I have two questions about sounds in Orbiter

1- Is it possible to hear ambiance music att all times, inside and outside ship from launch to space?

2- Is it possible to hear a repeating voice message on a radio frequency ?

If yes, please explain.

I'm trying to make a sort of interactive student activity book with Orbiter missions to be accomlished to access
following chapters. Ambiance music makes it a lot more movie like. The book  will be a bit like a sci-fi novel with links
to content for different topics.

BTW Dan, you could make it mandatory to reduce cabin pressure to 4.5 psi before an EVA,  it would make it a lot more

Offline DanSteph

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Reply #1 - 07 May 2005, 21:08:10
Hello Falco, of course you can switch the mp3 play mode...
SHFT+R (radio/mp3/radar Mfd)

Or launch the sound config exe (you must have a link to it somewhere)

What you mean by repeating ?
Anyway it's possible try the Radiosequencer (link on the soundconfig.exe)


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