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Author Topic: EVA  (Read 1658 times)

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Nathan Jackson

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07 May 2005, 03:05:43
Does any one have detailed controls on EVA?  When ever I perform an EVA, I usually get stuck!

Offline MattNW

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Reply #1 - 08 May 2005, 06:37:03
Not sure exactly what you mean. The controls are standard RCS for the EVA astronauts (Numpad 6= Fwd, Numpad 9=
Back, Numpad 2= Up, Numpad 8= Down, Numpad 1= Left, Numpad 3= Right in Linear Mode). Check the Orbiter.pdf file
for a more complete list.

If you mean you can't get back inside it's because you have to be quite close to the DG III airlock before it will let you
back inside. Actually if you are using the fist person perspective from the astronaut it'll seem like you are floating
inside the DG III when you are close enough. It's a problem with the viepoints and meshes in Orbiter. I usually switch
to the third person (outside) view when I get close to the airlock.

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