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Author Topic: Crash Bug  (Read 1688 times)

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06 May 2005, 21:38:30
I only d/led DGIII today and I really like it :D only problem is a few buttons wen I press them cause my PC to restart
instantly.  The 3 Mode switches below the Gimbal things on the central display, if I turn OFF hyrdaulic pressure and
then turn it back on it causes a crash and restart. Also opening airlock doors causes restart... is this happening to
anyone else?? kind of annoying.


Offline Krytom

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Reply #1 - 06 May 2005, 22:42:55
Gees, haven't heared this one before. CTDs happen to everyone, but the fact that it restarts is strange.
Check that you have activated all the modules in the lanchpad. OrbiterSound must be on with the DGIII.

Offline DanSteph

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Reply #2 - 07 May 2005, 21:06:19
never heard this one before ???!!
Something might be wrong in your system
because 10'000 peoples used it without reporting that...

Sorry can't help


Offline MattNW

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Reply #3 - 08 May 2005, 06:40:38
Sounds like a Direct X problem. I've had that before with some games. Not sure if there's a simple fix. I usually had to
reinstall the OS along with Direct X to cure it. If you are using Windows XP it means the system has encountered a
very serious error that only a restart of XP can recover from. You should be able to find some reference to what is
causing it in your XP error log.

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