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Author Topic: problem with OrbiterSound3 in MFD?  (Read 1654 times)

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Offline tjohns

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19 March 2005, 10:52:54
Dan, I'm trying to update my FuelMFD for the new OrbiterSound3 but I'm having a weird problem. When the MFD gets created (at
scenario startup if MFD visible, when MFD is user-enabled, when switching vessels, or toggling panels) I obtain an ID for the
active vessel & load 2 wave files). However, when the wave files are played (by various user actions) they would sometime
work and sometimes not.

I've been able to find that the ID number get allocated fine in all cases ( ID <> -1), and the wave files load (RequestLoad =
TRUE), but the PlayWave returns an error (FALSE) ONLY IF THE MFD GETS CREATED AFTER SCENARIO LOADING. If the MFD was already
open from a previous session when the scenario was saved, it works fine. If the MFD gets opened in a scenario that didn't
have it open initially the PLAY fails.

Any ideas on what might be going on - it's  got me stumped. BTW, the new OrbiterSound3 system requirement to "attach" sound
ID's to vessels (the OBJHANDLE parameter on the CONNECT call) makes vessel independant MFD sounds a little harder to achieve.
How do I tell what sound numbers have already been allocated so that my MFD sounds don't "overlap" a normal vessel sound?
Could you add some calls to return a "free" ID number? Maybe reserve the first 20 or so for the normal vessel sounds
currently being used, and start as number 21. If we need more reserved sounds the DLL can just start returning higher numbers
to the caller.

I can shoot you a copy of the source if you need to have a closer look at what's happening...

Trevor Johns

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