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Author Topic: Another OrbiterSound suggestion: Multiple sound card support  (Read 1686 times)

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Offline DumaUK

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15 February 2005, 21:09:23
I have a sound card built-in to my motherboard (VIA AC'97) and a Soundblaster Live! PCI sound card, and have noticed that I
can use both at the same time; whenever a program is run it seems to check which sound card is set as default in windows
sound and audio devices and outputs any sound to that card until the program is closed. In this way you can have two sound
cards working at the same time, eg:

I have speakers connected to the Soundblaster and headphones connected to the AC'97.

If I set the Soundblaster as the default sound device and then run WinAmp, I get music playing from the speakers.

If I then change the default sound device to AC'97 and run Orbiter, I get OrbiterSound's output (engines, radio etc) playing
through the headphones while still having the music coming through the speakers!

I was thinking it'd be fantastic if you could assign each type of sound in OrbiterSound to a seperate sound card; eg engines
to card 1 (a full subwoofer system), music to card 2 (surround speakers) and radio to card 3 (headphones). This could make
for some very impressive sound realism in home-built cockpits!

I imagine this is the sort of thing that is either very easy to implement, or very very difficult! I thought I'd share the
idea though :)

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