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Author Topic: DG3 Configuration for multiple installations ...  (Read 3754 times)

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Offline StarLost

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22 January 2005, 20:42:11
Daniel, a minor point:

Would it be possible, sometime in the future to not place the DG3 configuration link on the desktop.  This is probably not
important to most Orbinauts, but for those of us who run multiple installations of Orbiter (I run 4), that single
configuration forces me to reconfigure the DG3 before running any of the installations.

For me, it would be better just to hang a copy of the configuration program in the applicable Orbiter directory, and to
affect only the DG3 in that particular Orbiter installation (as it stands now, it changes them all).

I repeat, this is NOT a major point.  But if you happen to be looking for something to do ... after all anything else you're
involved with couldn't possibly take up that much of your time.  ;)

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