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Author Topic: DGIII Crash in long-term parking on landing pad?  (Read 1663 times)

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Offline BlackOmega

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14 January 2005, 05:52:24

If I start a scenario with the DGIII parked on a landing pad with air supply docked (and transferring to keep the air
tank full), then set the time acceleration to 10,000x, between 1-2 hours (of real time) Orbiter crashes. This happens
for me every time. If I save an hour in, then restart orbiter with this new saved scenario, it will not crash sooner - it
will still crash 1-2 hours after I start running either scenario.

Does it happen for anyone else? If so, then it would be nice to get it fixed, because it makes it difficult to wait for
planetary alignments while landed at the bases (where there is an air supply!).

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Offline freespace2dotcom

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Reply #1 - 14 January 2005, 07:56:07
Well, you can get around that problem by simply loading up orbiter at the time that the planets are aligned for

I have the times for going to other planets from earth, but that's all.

Mercury 60911.52
Venus 60672.5
Mars 60583.52
Jupiter 60939.29
Saturn 61199.4
Uranus 61247.4
Neptune 61552.6

jus edit the scenario file and put these dates in for which planet you wish to shove off to. :)

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Offline DocHoliday

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Reply #2 - 14 January 2005, 08:30:08
Also I suggest you put the DG3 into sleep mode (see the checklist on the panel on how to do that).. that should
bypass the problem as DG3 is mostly inactive then.. meaning it doesn't do much in the way of code and presents less
chance of crashing Orbiter.

I think it is reasonable to assume, that after 1 or 2 hours SOMETHING on the DG3 goes wrong and it crashes Orbiter.
I think this might be the "memory leak" bug, that's been noticed before. This problem I believe can only be solved,
once the new version of Orbiter is out.


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