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Author Topic: A few DG3 suggestions  (Read 4031 times)

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25 October 2004, 07:24:27
Hi. I have a few suggestions for the dg3, after flying the new 3.6 shuttles for a bit.

Would it be possible to allow for finer control of the roll in reentry mode? Maybe in 5 or 10 degree increments instead of 30. Maybe have a rate selection knob
on the panel to allow people to choose, or allow for the 4-6 keys to roll the craft at say 15-20 degrees/sec and hold the angle when they are released.

Also, I think it would help to engage the aero surfaces sooner. Instead of being altitude dependent, you could reduce their overall throw as speed decreases.
Say turn them on, but only at 1/5 power at mach 15, and increase it at certain mach numbers up to mach 5 or so. You could have rcs shut off at some point
in the middle. Maybe tweak the numbers a bit. That should help the rcs during reentry when pitching below 30 degrees.

Not sure you'll ever get around to it, but just as something to think about. :)

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