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Author Topic: Deltaglider panel problem  (Read 2121 times)

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Offline Ben sisko

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17 October 2004, 05:59:33
I have a small problem with the rendering of the autopilot buttons on the DG (default, DGII, & DGIII) panel. When
actuated, instead of lighting up, the buttons become transparent except for the lettering. Everything else (MFD's,
switches, HUD) functions normally. I suspect a video driver/card problem but I have a new card with the current
driver. Nvidia G-force2 with 32Mb video RAM, 1.0Gig PIII, 512Mb RAM, running WinXP Pro. Any solutions?

Ben Sisko

Offline DanSteph

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Reply #1 - 17 October 2004, 13:03:57

Try the 32 bit color mode...

A new card with 32 mo ram ? :wonder:


Offline Ben sisko

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Reply #2 - 17 October 2004, 16:07:51
Thanks Dan! It's a three year old laptop with a newly replaced video card. When I select 32 bit color my framerate
drops too much. Unless you have any other suggestions, I'll stick with the transparent buttons.

Thanks again,
Ben Sisko

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