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Author Topic: Start up the DGIII (2 scenario)  (Read 1718 times)

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Offline OKO

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28 September 2004, 07:18:44
Hi all
Dan give us a great addon with the DGIII
But unfortunatly, there is no scenario where you can handle it from a complete shutdown to configure every systems
for a "real" departure process.
So I made this 2 little scenario, where you have to start and configure everything aboard, including fuel and O2/N2
settings, or pressure, temp etc ... everything existing on this ship need to be configured.
This time you will really need to check the list before moving ! :bug:

2 scenario =>

- one from the ground (KCS)

- one from ISS

this way you can copy/paste to another scenario, like on the moon, mars or everywhere else, on ground or docked to
a station.

good flight all


Offline DocHoliday

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Reply #1 - 29 September 2004, 08:37:40
Neat :)

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